- Market Guidelines -

  • The summer market will operate from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm the first Wednesday in June to the last Wednesday in October. The summer market will operate June 7th-October 25th.
  • Vendors must be set up no later than 7:00 am so that there is no interruption in service. Vendors will be turned away if they arrive after 6:30 am. Vendors will not be permitted to break down setup before 1:00 pm for the summer market.
  • Large trucks, those over 1.5 tons, must unload and exit the area no later than 7:00 am.
  • Vendors will be limited to the sale of plants, bakery, produce, consumable items, approved arts and crafts, and related items sold by Farmer’s Market vendors and holiday/seasonal items. The sale of other retail flea market items and antiques will not be permitted.
  • Vendors who must use a vehicle as an integral part of their business are limited to a vehicle with a weight of 1.5 tons or less. Using the vehicle as a holding area is not considered integral to the business. A special usage permit must be filled out, submitted and then approved before any vehicle parking is allowed.
  • All generators must be silent and approved by Farmer’s Market manager.
  • The Market will close during times of inclement weather.
  • The Market Manager reserves the right to relocate vendors within the market and to limit the quantity of stall space sold to any vendor.
  • Vendors are responsible for the cleanup in the vicinity of their operation. No cardboard boxes, fruit, plants, trash, or displays are to be left behind.
  • Two consecutive no shows, without notification to management, will constitute an automatic termination of a vendor.
  • First offense will carry a written warning. A second offense will result in terminating a vendor.
  • No one vendor may reserve more than 15% of the market space unless approved by a committee.
  • After unloading, all vendor vehicles with a trailer are required to park in the side alley lot or other location as designated by the market manager. All other vendors vehicles must park in the designated parking assigned.
  • All potential vendors must fill out, email or mail in the application. Vendors are selected on a first come first serve basis as spots become available.
  • IMPORTANT! READ: DuPage County Health Department - Market Fact Sheet 2015

Vendor Parking

Any parking of a vendor or helper(s) of the vendor found to be parking for any amount of time past 7:30 a.m on Market days in the customer spaces shown in the map below will not be allowed to attend the following Wednesday's market. If you currently have permission or a permit to park near your booth you are exempt.

Designated booth and vendor parking is located one block South on E Crescent. Parking is only Westbound between Arlington and Chatham Ave. Please be cognizant of residents, driveways and garbage and recycling receptacle access. If you have a commercial truck please speak with the market manager first for allocated parking.